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what is this vintgeKeeper. business all about.

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Hi, I am Dusko Bogdanov, and I am the founder/creative of the vintageKeeper. brand. So what is exactly vintageKeeper. you may be asking?

vintageKeeper. is an idea---it is a singular passion that runs deep in my soul from a life-lived: it is family (from my immediate family to a core of close friends that are my familia), it is friends (from all the ones I have met and the relationships forged---from growing up in Ridgewood, Queens to Grover Cleveland High School and to the friends I met on the soccer teams I played for in New York (GH Metros, Banatul Soccer Club, New York Serbia) to the friends I met at the colleges/universities I attended (Queensborough Community College, Hunter College, SUNY-Oneonta, and Florida State University) and of my places of work in the sport marketing/media industries (the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup, Major League Soccer, Carat-North America) and to my work as a sport management professor (Eastern New Mexico University, Springfield College) and to my scholarly research interests that allowed me to be affiliated with universities in the Philippines, Serbia, Ireland and Portugal to my days of travel visiting Marbella Spain, Prague Czech Republic, Novi Sad Serbia and Rome Italy taking part in a language/cultural program(s) and being able to meet people from all over the world and conversate over bottles of beer/wine in our flat/dorm, to the international soccer tournaments attended (France 1998, Belgium/Netherlands 2000, Portugal 2004 & Germany 2006), to the laughter (ohhh boy have I laughed, mostly at myself), to the tears (of a relationship gone wrong to losing a loved one), to the pints (how good is a pint with a dear friend(s) and hearing the clanking of the glass when you "cheers", to the Serbian plum brandy (and its cultural significance), to the bourbon (Mitcher's Rye neat listening to the blues is tops), to the sound of champagne bubbles (celebrating an achievement small or large or just a Saturday brunch), it is mornings and evenings (watching the game, pondering your next move and reflecting on what matters most) , it is espresso (it is creative stimuli & I absolutely love the Italian culture), it is croissant sandwiches (with well -done bacon, will never forget those Saturday and Sunday mornings watching the Premier League in Tallahassee and talking about our bender over those sandwiches with a dear friend), it is wood fired pizza (told ya I love the Italian culture), it is steak night (Oneonta State soccer friends, let's keep-on the tradition), it is relationships (good/bad, we cherish them/we grief and press forward, after all life goes on, but hopefully we learned something), it is travel (Thailand, the countryside of Ireland, Champagne France and Tuscany awaits, let me daydeam), it is music (love the stuff, from Elvis to country, from Bob Marley to Big Poppa, from the blues to Serbian folk music, it all hits), it is style (I have an obsession with trackjackets, Adidas slides and the brand vintageKeeper., also thinking three piece suits are in my future), it is fitness (a boxing workout is my jam, and the elliptical is a safe bet), it is self-belief (it needs to be part of the DNA in order for this to be executed how I envision it), it is perseverance (will try and try again, that I can promise), it is dreams (my number one rule is: there is "truth in dreams"), it is the football culture (my mind is able to make associations), it is the banter (great seeing people having a little fun at the pubski), it is the punditry (we all have our thoughts because of this beautiful game), it is the national team(s) (for me it is Serbia and TEAM USA), it is the club team(s) (Red Star Belgrade, Tottenham, and Fioretina), it is every season rolled into one (Tottenham's run to the Champions League Final), it is euphoria (that win against Portugal to send Serbia to Qatar), it is heartbreak (1990 losing to Argentina on PKs), it is lifelong memories (where do I begin), it is forgotten stalemates (no doubt), it is liberty (if it is under attack, I will use my platform), it is freedom (to express oneself), it is peace (it is what the world needs now) , it is new friends, and old friends, and friends yet to be met (1000 percent). It is an idea embodied by something I truly love: creativity, football/futbol/soccer & people on a journey of community, expression, and most of all JOY. - “this is vintageKeeper.”

Be apart of this journey -it's going to be truly one of a kind ---one football fan at a time !

"WE GOING TOP" 🤙🍻 ✌️

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