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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hello Friends, I am pleased to write my introductory blog for the website and introduce the story behind the logo; that’s me (Dusko Bogdanov aKa vintageKeeper.) pictured below making a save in the penalty shootout to help us (Grover Cleveland High School) win the 1992 High School New York City Championship against a tough Tottenville High School side from Staten Island.

With the game of football/soccer/futbol consuming my life from an early age, from the buzz in my household about Yugoslavia at the 1982 World Cup, to the heartache of Yugoslavia bowing out to Maradona's Argentina in ITALIA '90, to my playing days (Cosmopolitan Soccer League, Hunter College, Oneonta State, Banatul, NY Serbia, Tallahassee Soccer Association), travelling to international tournaments (World Cup '98, '06; EUROS 2000 & 2004), and to my research studies at Florida State University has led me to start a brand inspired from the football culture---and when brainstorming for choosing a logo, authenticity was at the forefront and it was decided to go into the memory vault, and bring back a piece of history to be the face of the brand.

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