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About Us

My name is Dusko Bogdanov and I am the founder, storyteller, and lead pundit of vintageKeeper.

vintageKeeper. is a casual-wear lifestyle brand devoted to us, the football fans. The brand encompasses the many aspects of the football culture intertwined with anecdotes of life's journey to tell a story on fabric. "At vintagekeeper. every shirt is a conversation". The mindset of the brand was founded with an attitude to look at life in a creative and imaginative way.

vintageKeeper. gives a nod to the beautiful game. From the footballing heroes to the legendary clubs and the spectacles that arrives every 4 years - the World Cup (the Tango ball was my first crush). We each have our individual story of how we have become immersed, enthralled, and obsessed with the game.

The mission of vintageKeeper. is to foster a community among football fans from all walks of life, wearing casual-wear as a form of expression, and the joy surrounding the love of the game.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope to have you for the full 90 and beyond!

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