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the story behind, "Joy To The World: Episode 1-O BRUXO do FUTEBOL CHANGED MY LIFE":

O BRUXO do FUTEBOL CHANGED MY LIFE =THE WIZARD of FOOTBALL/SOCCER CHANGED MY LIFE. If you ever saw Ronaldinho play, we think you would all agree that he was a wizard on the pitch that epitomized the meaning of the word JOY !

JOY means Ronaldinho and Ronaldhino means JOY - that is what he brought to the World. If you ever watched Ronaldhino play and you didn’t smile, then you simply do not have a soul. The self-proclaimed happiest man in the World guided Messi into greatness with a selfless pleasure. He could see the joy that Messi and various others would bring to the game when he was gone, and he nurtured that as others around him were selfish and egotistical. There was no Brazil or Argentina to Ronaldinho, there was only the beautiful game and the carefree way it can, and should be played.And in addition, I am sure we all have had our own "wowww" moment when it comes to O BRUXO...for us at vintageKeeper. it was that performance against at Real at the Bernabeu...we were impacted for the better !


PS- anyone have David Seaman's mailing address :)


• cool blue

• fittted

• 100% cotton


"Joy To The World: Episode 2- O BRUXO do FUTEBOL CHANGED MY LIFE"

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