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shirt description-

the story behind, "GO GO USA":

"GO GO USA" reflects on Ian Darke's call of a last gasp winner by Landon Donovan that sent the Yanks through to the knockout round in South Africa---and it also further higlights the strides the States have made in the footballing world, and that it is not only pigskin, hoops and home runs - but a football force building momentum, as American soccer talent is becoming a staple in leagues abroad. 

In 2022 the USA has a star studded, European blooded young team with nothing to lose, and everything to gain, against an opponent (England) they reminded in 2010 that anything is possible in this unpredictable game - can the Yanks steal a point, or possibly take all 3? Of course they can - beware 3 lions, once in a while everybody gets tamed. 

Each and every one of these US players will learn from this World Cup, whatever the outcome, and 2026 is right around the corner.

Here's to the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE--- GO GO USA !!!


• comfort colors

• white

• short sleeve

• 6.1 oz.

• 100% preshrunk cotton

• "We Going TOP" !!!


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