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the story behind, "this is vintageKeeper." :

vintageKeeper. is an idea---it is s a singular passion that runs deep in my soul from a life-lived: it is family, it is friends, it is laughter, it is tears, it is pints, it is plum brandy, it is bourbon, it is the sound of champagne bubbles, it is mornings and evenings, it is espresso, it is croissant sandwiches, it is wood fired pizza, it is steak night, it is relationships, it is travel, it is music, it is style, it is fitness, it is self-belief, it is perseverance, it is dreams, it is the football culture, it is the banter, it is the punditry, it is the national team(s), it is the club team(s), it is every season rolled into one, it is euphoria, it is heartbreak, it is lifelong memories, it is forgotten stalemates, it is liberty, it is freedom, it is peace, it is new friends, and old friends, and friends yet to be met. It is an idea embodied by something I truly love: creativity, football/futbol/soccer & people on a journey of community, expression, and most of all JOY. - “this is vintageKeeper.”


shirt info:

• oatmeal

• fitted

• 100% cotton


"this is vintageKeeper."

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